Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday 1/3/16 Beach Report

We hurried off to the beach this morning so we, well, I, really, could get back in time for the Redskins game at 1 PM. It was gorgeous; 45 F but windless, and cloudless.
I got lucky right of the bat and found this "Top Shelf" Mako (probably extinct Giant White Shark) tooth. It wasn't really a productive day, though, we only got four teeth total.
It's even more remarkable that I found it while being dragged down the beach at high speed.
 Something unusual out on the water. A duck with a red head. Could it be a Redhead, or a Canvasback? Looks more like a Redhead to me. You can see a blue bill on the one in front.
 The Buffies are still hanging out, although not in the huge raft they were the last time I saw them.
We even had a near fly by from a Brown Pelican. While Pelicans aren't rare in the Bay (far from it, these days), for some reason we rarely see them near our shore.
Georgia corralling a large (for us) Lion's Mane Jellyfish, one of several we saw washed up or in shallow water lately. Probably the largest jellyfish in the world:
The largest recorded specimen found, washed up on the shore of Massachusetts Bay in 1870, had a bell with a diameter of 2.3 metres (7 ft 6 in) and tentacles 37.0 m (121.4 ft) long. Lion's mane jellyfish have been observed below 42°N latitude for some time in the larger bays of the east coast of the United States.

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