Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Austin Throws Away Cash with Trash

Austin discovers garbage in, debt up
. . . Austin, Texas, thought it was going to become rich off its recycling program. Instead, it spent more than $3 for every $2 it brought in. Demand for garbage is low, which is why people throw it away.

So what is Austin's solution to lagging prices? Increase supply. Apparently despite being home to one of the best universities in the land, no one at Auston City Hall ever cracked an economics book.

From the Associated Press:
In the latest fiscal year, a review of city records shows Austin got a shade under $3 million for its recyclables, even as processing costs hovered around $4.8 million. The city lost $1.9 million last fiscal year and a $2.7 million in the two previous years as recyclable materials have fetched less on the open market than the cost to process them.
The Austin American-Statesman reports that city officials say if more residents recycled more, it would be easier to profitably sell a higher volume of material locally, rather than ship it elsewhere in the state, country or even overseas.
Why not save time and energy by giving the operation away and allowing someone to open a Taco Bell at teh site? It will at least generate taxes.
It's really recycling if they give you enough money to recover your costs, it's just boutique trash collection to make you feel less sinful.

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