Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Dog Park, Revisited

It being high tide, and cold on the beach this morning, we decided another trip to the dog park was in order. We were hoping to find more dogs there for Skye to play with, and being a weekend, we weren't disappointed. The first was Boomie, the Australian Cattle Dog, owned by a friendly elderly disabled vet.
Boomie after he realized I dog treats in my pocket.
Skye being bounced by Riley, a six month old Shepherd.  Skye and Riley had a good old time chasing each other. Riley is faster.
Riley came with his master's father and daughter. She had a great time trying to interest the dogs in throw toys, and only got knocked down once when Riley backed into her trying to dodge Skye. Nothing was hurt but her feelings, and she was back into the mix in a couple of minutes.
Bristol (front), Riley (left), Skye (back) and Pablo (right), with Bristol's boss.
Pablo taking the high road with her owner.
Skye worn down to the point of taking a rest in the shade of the tree.
Some silly Husky tongue.

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