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Blackmail at Clinton.Com?

Lots of stuff. The hits just keep coming. I had some breakfast with bunch of folks I used to work with in academia, so they're all pretty much dyed in wool liberals. They all seemed to think Hillary's done for either before the nomination or in the election, but they had no consensus on who would replace her, if anyone. I had a hard time concealing my glee.

Hacker Threatens To Sell Hillary Clinton’s ENTIRE UNRELEASED Private Emails For $500K
Just as email-gate looked to be winding down, has exclusively learned a person claiming to be a computer specialist has come forward with the stunning news that 32,000 emails from Hillary Clinton‘s private email account are up for sale. The price tag — a whopping $500,000!
Whopping?  That's kind of a Dr.Evil kind of sum. I would think of they were the genuine article they'd be worth several million at least, and you could start a bidding war.
Promising to give the trove of the former Secretary of State’s emails to the highest bidder, the specialist is showing subject lines as proof of what appear to be legitimate messages.

“Hillary or someone from her camp erased the outbox containing her emails, but forgot to erase the emails that were in her sent box,” an insider reveals to Radar of the Presidential contender’s latest nightmare.

Radar has learned that some of the topics discussed in the email appear to include everything from Benghazi to the Algerian hostage crisis — with subject lines such as:
“H Libya security latest. Sid” (with attachment)
“H FYI, best analysis so far of hearing Sid,’ about the latest security
in Libya”
“H Algeria latest French Intel on Algeria hostage Sid”
“H Latest French Intel in Algeria hostage Sid” (with attachment)
“H Latest Libya intel internal govt discussions high level” (with
“H HIGHLY IMPORTANT! Comprehensive Intel Report on (with attachment)”
Warns the insider, “If these emails get out to the public domain, not only is Hillary finished as a potential Presidential nominee, she could put our country’s national security at risk
Ace tentatively tosses in the bullshit flag: Update: Hacker Now Claims He's Turned the Emails Over to the FBI
Real? Bullsh*t?

I think Rush Limbaugh said he was thinking about buying them, and donating them to the FBI. Of course, he can't do that -- the Espionage Act forbids Limbaugh from having classified info in his possession. And of course buying it.

See, Hillary's Mom and Pop Server Company can have it, but not Rush.

So... no one can actually take this hacker up on his offer, except foreign intelligence services, who of course already have her emails.
An interesting point, if, as Hillary and her minions claim, there are no secrets to be found there, why would there be any problem with Rush Limbaugh or any other private person buying the emails? Well, they do keep finding secret squirrel stuff in them. Like this stuff. . .

Another 57 Clinton email threads contain foreign governments' information
"Here's my personal email," Hillary Clinton wrote to U.S. special envoy George Mitchell on a summer Sunday in 2010 as he telephoned one European official after another in an effort to keep peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians on track.

"Pls use this for reply," Clinton wrote in her email, sent from the account she set up on an unsecured, private server in her New York home for her work as secretary of state. Over the following hours, Mitchell wrote back to Clinton with summaries of his conversations, including one with Spain's foreign minister, who had briefed him on discussions with Palestinian leaders. The State Department has redacted the summary of the minister's thoughts, saying it is classified information.

The exchange is among dozens in a new batch of Clinton's emails released this week that shed further light on how Clinton handled information while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.
. . .
The Clinton-Mitchell correspondence is one of 57 email threads found by Reuters in the latest batch of emails released on Monday that the State Department has marked as including the same type of information.

In all the 87 email threads examined by Reuters, the State Department has blanked out the confidential information in the public copies, adding the classification code "1.4(B)", denoting foreign government information.

This is the only kind of information that presidential executive orders say is "presumed" to likely harm national security if wrongly disclosed. State Department regulations describe it as the "most important category of national security information" its officials encounter.
So even if the material was not marked when it arrived on her server, it would have been presumed secret from the start.

Emails reveal that Hillary Clinton helped out a for profit school that paid Bill millions
Among the latest batch of emails to be released we find Hillary Clinton getting right to work shortly after she took her seat at the State Department. The “work” in this case was to immediately start doing favors for friends, arranging a seat at a prestigious dinner for a for profit education company. And through what I can only imagine is a remarkable coincidence with absolutely no causal relationship between the two events, her husband landed a position with them shortly thereafter which paid off in a very big way. (Daily Caller)
New emails released from Hillary Clinton’s email server reveal that while she was secretary of state, Clinton did a favor for a for-profit education company that later paid her husband more than $16 million.
In 2009, just a few months after Hillary took over at the Department of State, she was involved in planning a private dinner on education policy that featured herself, several State Department staff, and about a dozen individuals involved with higher education…
A second email shows that Clinton’s wish was carried out, as Laureate Senior Vice President Joseph Duffey was one of 20 guests at the Aug. 17 dinner. Laureate wasn’t the only school to be invited due to Clinton. Methodist-run Africa University had a representative at the dinner after Clinton proposed it (Clinton is a United Methodist)…
Just a few months later, in spring 2010, Bill Clinton was named as Laureate’s honorary chancellor, a post he held until stepping down in April 2015. His pay at the time wasn’t disclosed, but in July, Hillary’s publication of her tax returns revealed that Bill was paid over $16.5 million by Laureate from 2010 through 2015.
Landing a position as an “honorary chancellor” doesn’t generally entail a lot of back breaking work or even showing up for the most part. Institutions such as that love having big, high profile names on their roster and are willing to lay out some big bucks to get those names on their letterhead. Nothing illegal about that. And there really doesn’t seem to be anything technically illegal about Hillary “suggesting” that the organization be invited to a private dinner. Of course, when you pair the two together it certainly has the odor of some quid pro quo going on. And let’s also remember that this wasn’t an arrangement which was driving donations to the Clinton Foundation’s charitable causes… this was a paycheck going right into Bill and Hillary’s personal bank account.
Sweet gig!

Now a Hillary Aide Also Claims He Doesn't Know What the Words "Wipe a Server" Mean

What, with a cloth??!!

But hey, there’s nothing criminal here–move along–because according to Media Matters, there is no evidence that Clinton “knew” that she was mishandling classified information. This shows utter ignorance of what the “knowing” scienter standard means in criminal law. According to the Model Penal Code, “knowingly” means:
(b) Knowingly.
A person acts knowingly with respect to a material element of an offense when:
(i) if the element involves the nature of his conduct or the attendant circumstances, he is aware that his conduct is of that nature or that such circumstances exist; and
(ii) if the element involves a result of his conduct, he is aware that it is practically certain that his conduct will cause such a result.
So Clinton (and/or her aides) had to be “aware that [her] conduct [of using a private server to send and receive classified information] is of a “nature” that such mishandling could exist, or alternatively had to be “aware that it [was] practically certain that [her] conduct” would cause such a mishandling of classified information. Under either approach, the use of a private server while Secretary of State, alone, indicates such culpable awareness.
FBI Scours Clinton Server for Evidence of Spying
The FBI has begun a probe into whether foreign intelligence services compromised Hillary Clinton's e-mail server during and after her tenure as secretary of state, according to U.S. intelligence and Congressional officials.

The damage assessment, which is part of the bureau's investigation into whether the former secretary and her staff mishandled classified information, will hunt for digital traces of cyber-espionage by foreign governments. Even mundane and unclassified Clinton e-mails could provide important insights into the inner workings of the U.S. government and the actions of its top officials.

Clinton herself has dismissed the prospect that her e-mails were hacked. Speaking in March, she said the system used for the private e-mail "was set up for President Clinton's office. And it had numerous safeguards. It was on property guarded by the Secret Service. And there were no security breaches."
. . .
Outside experts assume Clinton's server was hacked. Private servers typically have fewer protections than government systems, which in recent years have been penetrated by foreign intelligence services as well. Indeed, Clinton's successor at the State Department, John Kerry, acknowledged last month that it was very likely his government e-mail had been hacked by Russia and China.
. . .
"There are ways the FBI can recover data from servers that have been wiped clean," Bob Gourley, a former chief technology officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency, told us. Gourley, who is now a partner at the cyber-security firm Cognitio, added that these techniques don't always work.

Michael Hayden, a former CIA and NSA director who served under President George W. Bush, agreed. He told us, "We were able in the past to recover things where the target thought the machine had been erased."
Uh oh. So is the Obama admin trying to scuttle Hillary's nomination in favor of somebody with more "Obamacentric" leaning? Monica Crowley thinks so: The Clintons’ plan to counterattack Obama
Has the Clinton counterattack against President Obama begun?

The Clintons have never taken a political hit lying down. But given their weak and panicky reactions to Mr. Obama’s current, well-orchestrated hit on her — the FBI investigation into her alleged mishandling of classified material as secretary of state — they have appeared to passively absorb the escalating attack. Until now.

As he presses his attack, Mrs. Clinton has two choices. Option one: fold early and negotiate a mild end to the investigation in exchange for dropping out of the race. But Mr. Obama is not a forgiving sort, and now that he’s drawn blood, he’s likely to go for the kill.

That suggests that the Clintons are going with option two: fight him — as part of an elaborate, unspoken negotiation between them over their secrets and futures. That requires a plausible defense. Their go-to strategy has always been to blame others, or inanimate objects such as documents, servers, “processes” — and to designate a fall guy (or gal) to take the rap.
Huma! Huma!

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