Monday, February 4, 2013

High School Students Play 'The Bay Game'

Seven teams of high school students will get an opportunity to see whether they would be good stewards of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The teams will compete in the UVA Bay Game on Feb. 9 at the University of Virginia.

The computer simulation uses demographic, economic and scientific data. Students will play as farmers, land developers, watermen or policymakers.
The computer system is a model, of course, and let's remember the rules of models

All models are wrong; the only question is in which way and by how much;

Some models are useful;

You can predicts the direction the model errors by understanding the motivation of its author.

My guess is that the 'The Bay Game' is 95% propaganda, backed with a small amount of science, and the simulations will lead the students to reach the conclusion desired by the organization that funds the program: 
Azure Worldwide is a strategic environmental design, development and marketing company that focuses on green site design/planning, eco-tourism and new media. Azure Worldwide's co-founders are environmentalist and social entrepreneur Philippe Cousteau, and Andrew Snowhite, a U.Va. environmental sciences alumnus.

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