Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do You Wanna Pearl Necklace?

Flying Dog, Maryland’s largest brewery, donated a portion of proceeds from its Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout to the Oyster Recovery Partnership.

From 2012 sales alone, the Oyster Recovery Partnership will be able to replant 750,000 oysters back into the Chesapeake Bay.

“A healthy oyster reef not only filters the Chesapeake Bay’s waters, but also provides habitat for other important marine life such as blue crabs and striped bass,” Stephan Abel, executive director of the ORP, said. “Every oyster we plant back into the Bay will have an immediate, positive impact.”

Oyster reefs in the Chesapeake are one of the most endangered habitats on the planet and is a cause essential to the brewery’s backyard in Frederick, Maryland.

“Not only do sales of Pearl Necklace benefit the Oyster Recovery Partnership from an operational standpoint, it also raises awareness of how critical oyster restoration is to the Chesapeake Bay,” Ben Savage, Flying Dog’s vice president of marketing, said.
Oyster spat a pretty small so 750,000 aren't as hard to raise as you might suspect, and don't do as much for the environment as you might like, but that's still better than nothing.  I still think a 5 year moratorium on the harvest of "wild" oysters would be a better start.

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