Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Saturday Afternoon at the Beach

Skye and I waited until after lunch for our Saturday stroll at the beach, hoping for a little warmer temperatures (at least I was hoping; Skye doesn't actually perceive temperature, as near as I can tell).  It got up near freezing, but the sun went away.  At least it wasn't windy...
One eagle was on station in a tree up the beach.  
The tide was pretty low (see the top picture, showing the exposed sand bar, with a ring of frozen bay water around it.  I didn't find too many teeth, but this one was pretty good.  A lower tooth from a Mako, I think.  Skye makes a cameo.
I also found this intact Eagle Ray mouth plate.  They're pretty soft, so finding one this complete is rarer than finding a decent shark's tooth.

Big icicles hanging from the cliff.

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