Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Quiet Morning at the Beach

A pretty quiet morning walk at the beach.  It took Skye down, and kept her on leash the whole time, after last weeks histrionics.  She didn't mind too much.

I expected trash to start washing up on the beach as a result of Sandy and the subsequent nor'easter, and today there were windrows of leaves washed up on the shore.
It was cool, about 50, but the breeze was slight, and I was comfortable in just my jean jacket.

Fossil hunting has been poor lately (or maybe it's just me and my eyes).  I had hoped the storms would churn up some new teeth, but no, it stayed poor.  I did find this one Snaggletooth, however,
We had to walk around the cliff section again because of high tide, and missing sand, and when we got around to the Calvert Beach boat ramp I was just in time to help Russel set his mast in place for his sail.
It's starting to look very autumnal.  The trees are about half bare, and many people have decorated their houses in autumn styles.

A Japanese Maple in full color.

An optimist.

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